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General Questions

Why don't your employees wear jeans and a company T-shirt like everybody else?  Seems like they would get those nice uniforms dirty.

Well, in that question is part of the answer.  Simply put, we don't want to be like everybody else.

We feel its very important to look professional and uniform in our appearance.  It helps our clients easily identify our crew when they show up on their property and also shows them we care about what we look like.  If we care about little details like appearance, rest assured we also care about the little details of your project.    Landscaping, construction, roofing--most of the trades tend to lack in their presentation.   This can give the impression that they don't care about their hiring practices (who or how they hire), safety concerns or trucks and equipment.  We care about all these things. We do our best to be professional in our work, our communication and our appearance.

And yes, we do get our uniforms dirty, but they're washable.

When do you hire new employees?

We do our best to retain good employees, working to keep them employed year round.  As we grow we tend to look for additional employees mid-February to early March.  But, when a truly great candidate comes along there is nothing that says we won't hire mid-season. 

Tip: If you are truly interested in working hard with the goal of advancement in a growing company, contact us. 

-Show up for your interview ready to impress. 

-Research the landscaping industry.

-Be honest about what you can and cannot do.

-Come with a plan that is well thought out in how you personally could make this company a success. 

You do that, you'll probably get a job with us and will not regret it. 

Do you guys take credit card?

Yes we do.  Now, that being said we do pass along the 3% credit card processing fee we get charged.  That is added to your invoice.  We don't markup our prices to hide those fees on your bill and we also don't give a discount for paying in cash.

How much does a consultation cost?

We charge $25 to $50 for an on site consultation. With that you get first and foremost, our many years of experience and insight to help guide your project as well as a detailed proposal.

Do you guys install swimming pools?

Yes, both in ground and above ground! We are a proud Thursday Pools dealer and installer for in ground pools and also install Trevi above ground.

Do you install above ground pools?

Yes we do. Check out our pools tab for more info.  Not everyone can afford an in ground pool, so above ground pools are a fantastic and affordable option if you want a something more durable than what you could get from a big box store.

Do you offer snowplowing services?

No. We did offer snow plowing for a long time, but have phased that service out of our lineup.  Refer to our Vendors page for more info on who we recommend for snow plowing.


Pools & Hot Tubs

Why fiberglass pools?

Simply put, we chose fiberglass pools for in ground pool projects for the durability, low maintenance and rapid installation that they offer compared to other options.  Check out this link for more info about the different types of in ground pools.

Inground Pool Comparison - What is the Best Type of Inground Pool? (thursdaypools.com)

I don't want to have to worry about pool chemicals and making sure my water is clear, do you offer pool maintenance packages?

Yes we do!  Please get in touch with us for the different packages we offer.

If I buy an above ground pool online, can I pay your company to set it up for me?

Usually no.  The only exception would be if it is a Trevi pool and that's because we can get parts and support through the supplier in case your purchase is missing something or is damaged.

Do you guys work on hot tubs you did not install?  (I already have a hot tub and it needs work)

At the moment, no.  We service what we sell for now.  As this part of our business grows and we can hire full time hot tub techs we may look at this type of service work.

Do you open and close pools for the season?

Yes, for pools we have installed.  As we grow in the future, we may offer opening and closing for pools we have not installed.

Do I have to have a fence around my pool?

This depends on several things including, the city and county you live in, whether you have an automatic pool cover and any ordinances or regulations from your homeowner's insurance or HOA.  Many times if you have an automatic pool cover you don't have to have a fence, but this will need to be verified before you start your project.


Landscape Design & Installation


You use the term "Outdoor Living" alot; what exactly does that mean? 

Outdoor living is using or spending time in the space outside your house.  Think of it like, if you were building an addition onto your home such as a master bedroom suite or expanding your kitchen.  You are adding usable space to your home that you can enjoy regularly.  Outdoor living is considering and developing the space outside in the same way.  You are adding usable space to your home, but in this case without having to open the outside walls of your house. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it.

I'm on a budget and don't want to go crazy with my project, do you do "small" jobs?

Of course!  You don't have to be considering extensive, full-scale, six figure projects to peak our interest.  We can design and install small patio projects with tastefully selected plants just as easily as coordinating massive pool projects with impressive waterfalls.

I love the look of pavers, but I don't like when I see them sink and settle and grass grows in the cracks. Is there a way around this so I can do pavers? 

Yes!  The number one problem with sinking, settling and uneven pavers is almost always an issue with the base material under the pavers or how the base was installed.  The short answer is that a properly installed paver patio will last a lifetime looking smooth, even and free of grass and weeds.  Head over to our Dig Deeper page under the Learn More menu to really dig into the details of base construction and why grass grows in the cracks of a patio sometimes.

I think I want to just pour a concrete patio, do you guys do that?

No.  Don't get us wrong, poured concrete has it's place for sure. But when it comes to aesthetics, durability and longevity, pavers are the only way to go.

What about stamped concrete, is that something you do or recommend?

No on both counts.  Stamped concrete is really just glorified plain, poured concrete.  The problem with stamped is that it is still poured in large slabs and cured in an exposed environment.  This means that stamped concrete will crack. Period.  Once it cracks, there's no fixing it.  It's colored and stamped to look like stone, brick or pavers and tends to look fake.  While cheaper to install than pavers, it does not have any of the benefits of pavers.

Why don't you put weed fabric under mulch before you spread new mulch?

We included this question here because this method is so often promoted as a good practice when in reality, it's a waste of money.  The purpose of weed fabric or weed barrier is to prevent weeds from growing up from the soil under the mulch, through the mulch into your flower beds.  Wood mulch naturally decomposes and when it does it turns into soil.  This process happens fairly quickly, usually within the first year of the mulch being installed.  Once this happens, you now have composted mulch (soil) sitting on top of the weed barrier providing a perfect spot for weed seeds to land and germinate.  Left unchecked, the weed roots grow through the fabric and create quite a tangled mess when attempting to pull them later.

Is there any kind of upkeep or maintenance for my patio?

Very minimal.  We highly recommend a sealer applied to your pavers after they have been installed for 30 days.  Once this is done, you can forget about it for a couple of years.  Pavers should only be sealed every 2 to 4 years to avoid a buildup of sealer.  Keeping leaves and organic material off of the patio helps reduce the amount of surface stains.  If you do get some staining (on a sealed patio) from wet leaves a simple pressure washing or a soap and water rinse should take care of it.

What's your warranty for your projects?

Hardscape projects (patios, retaining walls, etc.) carry a 5 year warranty on labor and a lifetime warranty on product.  The product warranty is offered through the manufactures we use such as Unilock and High Format.  We are an Authorized Unilock Contractor and with that comes the exclusive benefit to you of Unilock also warrantying our labor.

Softscapes such as plantings and sod carry a limited 90 day warranty and very dependent on how you care for your plants after we install them.  If you have any questions regarding warranty particulars feel free to contact us.

How long will it take to finish my project?

There are so many variables that could affect your project.  Not only that, but did you know that YOU play a huge part in the length of your project?  Go to the Bite Size per page under the Learn More menu on at the top of our website.

Why don't you offer free estimates for any project?

The answer to that question is too long to explain here.  A quick answer could be in the form of another question.  Would you expect to go to a doctor, lawyer, or other consultant and ask for their advice or diagnosis for free?  If not, why not?  Many of the same reasons apply to us or any other profession.  Time is our most valuable resource and we need to be prudent with it for our own sake and the sake of our current clients who are paying us to get their project done on time. 

A good estimate takes time.  Landscaping projects also should have some level of design, accurate measurements, elevations and so on.  When we spend our time, resources and expertise to develop this for someone who is really not seriously considering a project or service it becomes a distraction for us and our current clients.  The years of experience, training, and investment into our company to be in a position to provide a high quality, knowledgeable service that many others cannot has come at a price. We value our clients greatly and focus on providing excellent and dependable service with minimal distraction.  Charging a small fee for our consultation actually helps our potential clients gage their own commitment to the project.  

Landscape Maintenance


Why do you only offer Full Service maintenance?  If I just want my lawn mowed do you do that?

Over the past 18 years of providing landscaping and lawn care service to our community, we've zeroed in on what we do really well that allows us to maintain our commitment to our clients without distraction.  Providing a single service such as lawn mowing only, tends to force competition to focus on price.  Price is not an arena we want to compete in as it usually ends in a race to the bottom.  Instead, we focus on dedicated service to clients who appreciate the value of maintaining their entire property.

I'm interested in a full service contract, but why can't I just pay for the individual services as you provide them?

Our Full Service contracts are structured to provide consistency and dependability.  With this format there are no surprises for you or us.  We know what services your property needs and can schedule them accordingly.  You know that every month your bill is the same amount.  You also know that you won't have to worry about what is or is not covered in your contract and if you remembered to schedule it on time.  The pay as you go method lends itself to surprises, poor scheduling and inconsistency.

Can I customize my Full Service contract?

Absolutely!  There are some basic services that are not optional.  These are:

-Spring clean-up

-Lawn mowing

-Shrub trimming (if you have any shrubs)

-Re-mulching (if you have landscape beds that need mulch) 

-Fall clean-up. 

Additional services you can include are:

-Bed edging for landscape beds with a natural border

-Sidewalk/curb edging

-Lawn treatments

-Annual plantings and arrangements

-Flower bed weeding

-Vegetation control for paved surfaces

Your company sounds expensive, is that true?

Yes and no.  We are certainly on the higher end of the price range for contractors in our market.  But there is a reason for that.  We believe in our company, our vision and our people and thus choose to make an investment in those things which cost money.  We provide full uniforms (not just a T-shirt with our logo) to our employees.  We pay all appropriate payroll taxes instead of paying our employees cash under the table.  We have the correct insurances and coverage limits, not just a bare bones policy that won't cover a major accident if something were to happen.  We have worker's compensation insurance which is often overlooked, and illegal to not provide if there are employees.  The list goes on.  If you consider the liability of hiring a company without these things, then we are very competitively priced.

What about tree trimming or stump grinding, do you guys do that?

Nope.  Our recommendation would be to contact a tree service.  They are much more efficient and probably would be more economical than us.  Check out our Products and Vendors page for more info.

I just want my lawn fertilized, do you guys do that?

Nope.  Again, single service for maintenance work is not something we do.  For our full service clients who want lawn treatments, we subcontract the applications and handle all the details so our clients don't have to worry about dealing with multiple contractors.